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There are things that don’t exist…THINK WE I start with a “nonsense”: ‘If an elephant sits in a cherry tree, a drill flies by.’ The elephant thinks, “Things exist’!?” This is exactly how this abstruse development on the planet seems to me right now. On Saturday the 28.08.2021 I picked up my blood result. I also had my blood tested for “sars-cov-2”. I must say that I am an absolute opponent of the new “injections with an unresearched, dubious and dangerous substance”. My feeling told me this already before. I GOT THE RESULT, MY BODY HAS FORMED ANTIBODIES AGAINST THIS DUBIOUS SARS-COV-2!!!! Source: Wikipedia What happened. Already at Christmas 2019 I got complaints, this dragged on into the second week of January 2020. HELLO, WHO DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS “PLANDEMY” from far away China? All I can say is, this “flu” was new to me in that I was getting ATEMNOTES at night. I never had that before. Well, I as a convinced “CIGARILLO-SMOKER” had to immediately refrain from SMOKING. There was nothing more. THAT WAS NEW!!! Fever kept within limits…but this shortness of breath was very unpleasant. After about 3 weeks I went to my pharmacist and described the symptoms. Mind you, no one knew anything about COVID 19 influenza!!! She gave me a homeopathic remedy called “Drosera”. I took 6 x 4 mini-pastilles a day and let them dissolve under my tongue. AFTER THREE DAYS I WAS “TOP FIT” AGAIN. Source: Ärzteblatt WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED? WELL, ONCE AGAIN I GOT OVER A FLU INFECTION AND IT WAS DONE FOR ME! Two months later, the chaos began over Covid 19! BUT I HAD LONG FORGOTTEN THE EVENT AT THE TURN OF THE YEAR, THIS HAD LEFT ME WITH NOMAJOR DAMAGE! Now the chaos began all over the world. Lockdowns, restriction of the human rights, mask duty, distance rules, damage of whole economy branches!!!! AND THEN THE SUMMIT, A “MASS INJURY” ON THE MADDLE “HUMAN BEING”, CALLED AS “INJURY”. the chaos took its course. After half the village was “injected” and it was known that I was “unsprayed”, I already felt the “herd instinct” of the “INJECTED”, against me. All those who previously claimed that they “never” let themselves be injected. ONE AFTER THE OTHER NOW “PAID HOMAGE” TO THE ORDER OF THE FRENCH PRESIDENT MACRON. NO VISITING RESTAURANTS OF ANY KIND. The landlords are threatened with up to € 45,000 plus 3 years’ imprisonment for admission. THIS IS ALREADY THE PEAK OF A BEGINNING “DICTATORIAL SYSTEM”! +++++THIS IS NO DIFFERENT FOR THE “GERMAN” UNDER MERKEL’S DICTATORSHIP!+++++ Source: Facebook WhaT iNTrOduCTIvITy COMES TO ThE DAyLIGHT HERE? Source: Telegram Three years ago I got my first new hip and came down with a “hospital germ called Staphylococcus Aurum,” the worst germ! Since I was semi comatose, they injected me with the worst antibiotics imaginable. Side effects extravacant, cortisone until my body could take no more. I looked like a “spotted leopard!” That stuff stays in the body for years. IN GERMANY ALONE, approx. 500,000 people DISEASE from such KEIME. My surgeon friend literally told me, “Michael, normally we don’t tell the patient that. We treat and keep our mouths shut!” +++++Staphylococcus aureus translates as “golden grape pellet.” The stubborn pus pathogen feels at home almost anywhere in nature. Even without food, the bacterium can survive for up to seven months. It survives on laundry or door handles, light switches, on the floor or on the edge of the bed. It also feels at home on the skin of many people. Those affected are often unaware of it, because it causes no discomfort in healthy people. One in three people even carries it in their nose. Its hour strikes when the immune system weakens or it finds a way inside the body – for example through an open wound or a catheter. The germ then multiplies explosively and causes poorly healing inflammations, skin ulcers, boils, pneumonia, urinary tract infections and life-threatening blood poisoning. The inflammation can spread to virtually any organ and cause it to fail. In the case of MRSA victim Ralph Adam, for example, they attacked the heart valves.+++++ Source: Focus Legally, the victims have virtually no chance. ++++HAS AN “ECONOMY” EVER BEEN PARALYZED BECAUSE OF THE HIGHLY DANGEROUS GERM?++++ THE DEAD PEOPLE IN THE HOSPITAL ARE NOT AUTOPSIED AFTER HOSPITAL GERM. U. U. registered as “covid dead”. Source: Facebook That being said, the insurance side effects of being a “covid deceased” can be a vacant game, to the detriment of the heirs. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO ME ON CHRISTMAS 2019 AT THE WESTERNEST CINEMA OF EUROPE….AND TWO MONTHS BEFORE I EVEN READ ANYTHING ABOUT COVID19 WHILE THE MAN “ZERO” (Chinese) IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE INJURED THE EUROPEANS VIA “BERGAMO/ITALY”? ++++++Is there instead of a “pandemic”, a “PLANDEMY” behind it?++++++ THIS QUESTION MUST BE ALLOWED!++++++ WHY IS THE DATE JULY 18, 2018 ON THE PACKAGE OF ASTRA ZENEKA?+++++ Source: Telegram WHAT EXACTLY DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH THE EXTRAORDINARY BEHAVIOR OF “WORLD POLITICIANS”? ARE YOU AFRAID OF 7.5 BILLION PEOPLE? ARE THE “PSYCHOPATHS PLAYING “GOD”? IS THIS WHY THE DEAGE LIST THAT STEELE IN GEORGIA IS SUPPOSED TO TELL THE TRUTH? THE TRUTH MEANS THE REDUCTION OF HUMANITY TO A MAXIMUM OF 500 MILLION HUMAN LIVES? Source: Wikipedia THE QUESTION IS, WHO THEN PLAYS THE REAL “PSEUDO-GOD” OVER THE PSYCOPATHS, NARRRRZISTS, MARIONETTES? WHICH HUMAN-LIKE “CREATURE” PRESUMES THIS? IS “IT” THE NEW FALLEN “PSEUDO-ANGEL”? Source:Telegram In the second part, we connect the context of the “CONSPIRACY” of the “PSEUDO-ELITE” AGAINST HUMANITY, EVEN THOUGH THEY EXACTLY LIKE WE ALL MARCH “ON FOOT” TO THE PLACE WHERE THE EMPEROR ALONE IS DISAPPEARING. ++++Even “Badman” does it that way!++++ Source: NTV

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