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Predictions that are confirmed more and more every day: +++++How can I plausibly convey this message to you ⁉ Without much frippery⁉ +++++ HOW CAN I MAKE YOU SHARE….BEFORE THE VULTURE TAKES US +++++ ⭐80% of people do not know that COVID is a “fraudulent deception”! ⭐Many people don’t get the message that “cyber attacks” is another distraction too! ⭐Many people have no idea what “disruption” of supply chains means to us! ⭐Many people have never heard of the Guide Stone or the DEAGEL LIST! ⭐Many people do not know me or have disregarded my warnings, for example the “Baltic dry Index”. I trained this since 2015! Source: Baltic Dry Index 🤮The third step of these “creatures” is to disrupt supply chains worldwide. I will post only three pictures. THEY SHOW ALL SHIPS AROUND THE WORLD. FROM PASSENGER SHIPS, TO TANKERS AND CARGO SHIPS, TO THE SMALLER SHIP TRANSPORTERS FOR INLAND SUPPLY.🤮 ‼‼Pray to your Creator and act, these “bastards” are trying everything to reduce the world population to a minimum. Provide for yourselves so that Christmas (even in a state of war) will still be Christmas‼‼+++++The first photo shows you the colors and use of the ships. They are moored in front of the ports and cannot be unloaded! WHY???????????????????????????????????????????????????????++++++ Source: Ship tracking Every day the press writes more aggressively about Freedom Day: that is, the dissolution of all Corona measures. Suddenly 82% of the adults in Germany are already vaccinated and one speaks already of reaching a so-called herd immunity. As a deadline is already talked about 30.10.2021. HOWEVER, THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN FROM OUR POINT OF VIEW. We had a look at papers from the USA, which confirm the measures until the year 2027! Source: US Govt. Archives The vaccine damage soon won’t be able to be covered up by the mainstream media either. Hospitals are filling up with vaccinated people and the flu epidemic hasn’t even started yet. The number of immune deficiencies and the other glaring side effects of Corona spraying are almost impossible to conceal, up to and including death. Even the employees in clinics suddenly do not need a 3rd booster vaccination, but only patients from 70J. Source: Telegram It started with the Suez Canal and now we can see from ship tracking what is happening around the world, supply chains are being slowed down and disrupted, leading to a huge increase in prices. Source: The World This is undertaken instead of a huge financial crash, because shortages increase prices and the economic war is approaching its climax. Impoverishment is pre-programmed. The fear of loss and impoverishment continues to bring consumption to a standstill. The retail trade, the gastronomy and tourism and culture industries, already badly hit by Corona, will now suffer the final stab in the back. Source: Telegram Furthermore, the media warn us of a power blackout. What this means, few can imagine: No phone, no refrigerator, no stove, no smartphone, no bank transfer, no cash systems, no work, no computer, no internet, no drinking water, etc. Hardly any citizen is prepared for this scenario. In the cities, the chaos of helplessness with looting etc. is looming. We do not even like to imagine these conditions. in Austria, cookbooks are already being distributed to citizens by the government: Cooking Without Electricity. Source: Die Welt What are they planning to do with us? On the one hand, the financial system is at the end, because it can only reprint endless amounts of money after interest rates have been cut. Capitalism itself is also on the brink of extinction because the “fourth industrial revolution” is endangering many jobs, but it relies on both capital and labor as consumers. Source: Money, which has always been a measure of human labor, is also losing the link between goods and value creation. Therefore, digital central bank money, which enables total control over citizens, has been in the works for a long time. Meanwhile, a new axis of power is emerging – somewhere between Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum (WEF), the International Financial Forum (IFF) in Beijing, the Chinese Communist Party and the large digital corporations of the West. Source: Telegram Big tech corporations are winners in Corona crisis These are also the main beneficiaries of the Corona crisis: artificially created central bank money in the trillions has been distributed to the five large big tech corporations Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet (Google), Apple and Facebook. Large asset managers such as BlackRock and Vanguard would also have profited, because while the system is heading for collapse, they would invest their assets in real assets – Bill Gates, for example, is a large agricultural landowner. Source: Corona Victim Through the WEF, they exert a lot of power on policymakers – many decision-makers from Merkel to Spahn and Kurz to Baerbock are networked through the WEF’s cadre of events, such as the “Young Global Leaders,” he said. They are supposed to help maintain power. When the virus for the dismantling of freedom no longer works, the climate issue is supposed to justify the tough restrictions. At the same time, the platform economy is destroying the middle class. Source: WEF So what is their plan? Anyone who has dealt with the Great Reset and Klaus Schwab & his WEF knows where the imposed journey is leading us: Source: The Kyoto Protocol Definition The Kyoto Protocol is an international agreement, adopted in 1997, aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions and the presence of greenhouse gases. more Emissions Reduction Purchase Agreement (ERPA) An Emissions Reduction Purchase Agreement (ERPA) is a legal document that records the agreement between parties that buy and sell carbon credits. more Inside Cap and Trade Cap and Trade is a government regulatory system designed to incentivize companies to reduce their carbon emissions. +++++when these NGO’s push this through against the will of the PLANET’S citizens, “EVERYONE” even you!!!!! Your co2 footprint+++++ Source: Wikipedia California now has one. more Paris Agreement / COP21 The Paris Agreement is an agreement among more than 170 countries to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2100. more Environmental Economics Definition Environmental economics is a field of economics that studies the economic impact of environmental policies. more Carbon Trading Carbon trading is an exchange of credits between nations to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, with the goal of reducing carbon emissions and mitigating climate change and future global warming Source: Everyone produces CO2 just by existing and this existence is now being logged economically, as industrial companies already do. They can buy quotas if they produce too much CO2 with their productions. The whole environmental awareness and action is now logged. WHAT IS THE NONSENSE? EVERY PLANT ON THIS EARTH HAS THE TASK TO CONVERT CO2 INTO OXYGEN “O2”. AFTER CORPORATIONS “TAX” THE WATER, SEEDS AND NOW EVEN YOUR BREATH IN THIS WAY, THE “DEFENSE INSTINCT” SHOULD AWAKEN IN YOURSELF! IT’S ALL A BIG LIE! Source: Wikipedia Carbon Credit Economy The driving force behind the pandemic and“The Great Reset” is actually the introduction of a CARBON CREDIT economy that is happening right now under your nose. While everyone in the media is discussing and worrying about the virus, members of the WEF and the UN have been hard at work behind the scenes installing their plan for a brand new global economic system. Under the guise of Covid, the architects and profiteers of climate change have decided to go full steam ahead with their plans for an improved, high-tech cap-and-trade system. A system where every breath, every action, every purchase, and every plan you make has a price. For the rest of your life and that of your family! In this system, your carbon footprint will determine what you buy, consume, do, etc. You get a maximum quota of carbon credits in your crypto wallet. Not to be confused with real crypto, like bitcoin and co! Source: Focus THEY HAVE ABUSED THE BRILLIANT IDEA OF THE BITCOIN BLOCKCHAIN FOR THEIR INTERESTS! Every time you perform an action that leaves a carbon trail, carbon credits are deducted from your carbon crypto account on the blockchain. What you can buy and do is determined by crypto/blockchain smart contracts, also known as program money. So what does this mean for you? What does the globalist ruling class have in mind for you? Under their plan, a UBI (universal basic income) like social and carbon credit based blockchain system, when you reach your maximum carbon quota, your account will be shut down and you will no longer be able to buy or do anything. Source: WEF That is, of course, if you are rich and “buy” tokenized carbon credits, either from your wallet or by planting some trees. If you are lucky enough to plant a tree (which almost no one can), you will need to register that tree on a blockchain as an NFT (non-fungible token). Both satellites and drones will confirm and authenticate its existence (using GPS and machine learning) to ensure that there is no double spending (blockchain transaction) for any of these individual trees. This is all done with AI and blockchain. If you can’t plant a tree, have no fear! Billionaires around the world, like Bill Gates, Rockefeller, etc., have done all the hard work for you. They’ve either bought millions of acres of land or put them into trusts (nature preserves) so you can buy their carbon credits, which are generated by naturally breathing trees. And who says money doesn’t grow on trees! We are talking about global rationing based on your carbon footprint! … forever! For this to work, you will need to register on the Blockchain (Passport ID) and then you will be tracked and traced. You will lose your current income, the small businesses you run will be locked in and forced to join the digital supply and trade chains. Your money will be programmable money (smart contracts). Source: With thisnew CBDC (central bank digital currency) and other crypto coins with additional smart contract layers (e.g. Bitcoins Taproot and Ethereum). The food supply chain will collapse and will have to be replaced by a “greener” one. The products and materials you have become accustomed to will have to be removed and replaced with more carbon friendly products. You will be forced to “share” more, using blockchain-based NFTs (if you have carbon credits). You will be forced by governments, corporations, and other emitters to buy only what they think is good for you and the planet. Even down to your children’s pocket money. Everything is programmed and rationed using blockchain, AI and surveillance. Do you get the picture yet? Your benefits, insurance, personal property purchases, pensions, etc. will all depend on compliance with these new measures. All companies will be forced to improve their ESG (environmental, sustainability, governance) ratings or face not receiving loans or future investments. All in line with the UN’s SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). All your activities must be monitored to measure and quantify your carbon footprint. You must become a token in a carbon transaction network that can be traded on a carbon exchange. If you don’t comply, you will be marginalized and left on your own with no connection to this new draconian “green” society. HELLO, IS THIS WHAT THEY/YOU WANTED? HAVE YOU LOST TRACK OF WHAT YOUR POLITICIAN PUPPETS ARE UP TO? Source : This is the plan of the globalist ruling class.The global carbon exchanges are established and making billions. The 197 nations have all agreed. The infrastructure is already in place. The technology (4th industrial revolution) is advanced enough to take place. The billionaires have made their massive land purchases to become offset providers. The blockchains are ready to implement tokenization of carbon units. The satellites in space are ready to do authentication and credentialing using NFT technology and blockchain. Drones are ready to validate all life activities on Earth. Source: 5G and 6G networks are ready for high-speed, real-time data throughput. At the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), to be held in Glasgow from October 31 to November 12, 2021, with 30,000 participants expected to attend, you can count on the creation of the social carbon credit system to move forward at warp speed! I’ll have much more and more detailed coverage of all this, so stay tuned and sound the alarm! Source: German Resistance Archive EDIT: Their motivation is to make TRILLIONS of “dollars”. Apart from absolute real time accountability for every living thing on earth. Carbon credit + fear of climate catastrophe + virus = TRILLIONS!!! I was able to take each of these things (and more) and discover in detail how they all interact with the Carbon Credit System that is being implemented Thank you: Impact Investing Blockchain/Smart Contracts Passport ID and AI Recognition Transhumanism – Merging our physical, digital and biological identities Internet of Things / Internet of Bodies Lockdowns Digital Economy Integrative Capitalism (Framework for Integrative Capitalism: A New Pact Between Corporations, Government and American Workers) Great Reset / 4. Industrial Revolution – Economic Destruction Rebuilding Better ESG (Environmental, Sustainability, Governance) Scoring with UN SDGs 5G and 5G AI and Automation Redesigning Education (Lifelong Learning from a Distance – Badges) Gig Economy Shared Economy (You will own nothing and be happy) Land Acquisition (Land for CO2 sequestration) Private-Public Partnership with Workers as part of the new Compact Framework (Not rights, but worker rights, granted by corporations) Supply chains (blockchain) run by megacorporations Smart cities Race to Zero and Race to Resilience (NetZero) Cryptocurrency Metaverse / Twin Worlds Exclusion of small businesses (due to global ESG competition) UN Sustainability 17 SDGs Problem, Response, Solution NFTs for the sharing economy Nanotech – All of nature, animals, plants, insects are covered by nanotech. Massive number of satellites & drones Navigation Predictive analytics and risk assessment software Free phones Reducing production of food and products, electricity, water, etc. Global rationing etc… etc… etc…. I have all the supporting documents and links. Thanks a lot! LOOK INTO MISERY…. WITH YOUR “COGNITIVE DISSONANCE”! Source : In the end, there are countless unemployed – before an unconditional basic income keeps consumption and capitalism artificially alive. Source: Telegram Systems of power disintegrateöcern Basic income will not be enough to meet the needs of citizens. Conflicts with the system are therefore inevitable – and there lies a glimmer of hope, Wolff is certain. For the Corona issue already shows that many have long doubted the public narrative. It is therefore also foreseeable that more and more people will realize that it is not politics but the digital-financial complex that is steering the course of events. If the digital-financial complex continues to abuse its power for censorship, then education must come about through flyers and meetings, if necessary. He believes it is no coincidence that the social fabric first came under fire to prevent any critical minds from communicating with each other. In the end, he is confident: Because the opposing side is on a lost cause: Source: Archive German Resistance “Even if they win the next small battles, they will never win the big warönnennen.” We are “facing a phase of great regionalization. With mergers of smaller communities, regional currencies and barter exchanges. A huge upheaval in which many things will still emerge. Source: “But I see at the moment that the old system has to fight with harder and harder methods to keep itself up, but on the other hand, new ideas are emerging all the time to resist this and create a new society,” Wolff also scatters hope. Source: Dear people….we are in the FINAL FIGHT! We are only 5-10% of the population who know this. IF WE DO NOT UNITE NOW THE “CHEESE FOR THE PEOPLE” IS EATEN! THEREFORE, IN OUR VIEW, THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN….Take the “NEAREST TO US” COMMUNITY COMMUNITIES….AND PROVIDE THE ARTICLES NEEDED FOR LIFE FOR THE NEXT “THREE MONTHS”! Your editorial staff of the “German Resistance”!

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