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We were already allowed to notice that sprayed people were dubbed transhuman. *****”Transhumans are the first manifestation of a new species of evolutionary beings. They are similar to the first hominids who left the trees many millions of years ago and began to look around. Transhumans do not necessarily have the goal of accelerating the evolution of higher life forms. Many of them are not even aware of their role as a transitional form of evolution. “**** Source: Natural *****Eugenics plays a central role in transhumanism. However, the hope is not to prevent birth through sterilization, but to ensure the birth of a healthy child through genetic manipulation.[4][13] In the process, human evolution is to be controlled in the future, oriented to goals chosen by humans.***** *****That includes your education on transgender, transgender language. THUS EGALITARIANISM! DO WE WANT THAT? I CAN ONLY SPEAK FOR MYSELF….NO I DON’T WANT THAT! HOWEVER, I MUST COMPLIMENT THOSE FOR SCHIZOPHRENIC PSYCHOPATHS! YOU HAVE DONE A “CLEVER JOB”. NEVERTHELESS YOU REMAIN CRIMINALS OF “GOD’S HUMANITY”!***** Source: Natural +++++Corn belongs to all humans because it is part of nature. The globalist companies and their lawyers found a way. You simply change the gene structure of a plant….or a LIVING BEING. Only then….can a patent be filed. FROM THAT POINT ON, THE PLANT, THE LIVING THING BELONGS TO A COMPANY!!!! What??????……. ….YOU CAN’T IMAGINE???? PEOPLE, UNDERSTAND FINALLY THE SENSE OF THE “SYRINGE”, IN THE UMGANG-LANGUAGE ALSO “VACCINE, INOCULATION” CALLED!+++++ The Body Internet created by Klaus Schwab as founder of the WEF has become reality with the introduction of the syringe. Source: USA – SUPREME COURT has ruled: INJECTED PEOPLE are considered WORLDWIDE patented under USA law, they are no longer human beings ‼️ By a DNA or RNA GEN-modified vaccination mRNA vaccination, they are OWNERSHIP of the patent holder of the GEN-modified vaccination, because they have their own genome and are no longer “Human” (No Natural Humans), but “Trans-Human” so they are and all human rights thereby removed. It applies WORLDWIDE – the patents are subject to USA laws. Source: Google Since 2013, all GEN modified, mRNA vaccinated individuals are legally identified as transhuman and do not receive human rights or any other rights of any state. To take into account IS that the WORLDWIDE is valid, because the patents of the GENE-POISONED are HOME in the USA and therefore the jurisdiction and the legislation. Source: Supremecourt In addition, “allegedly” injected people lose their blood group with the vaccination. Look at this photo, within hours “flocculated”. Rumors claim that the “Red Cross”, “Maltheser” no longer take blood from Gespritze!?? Source: Telegram +++++Anew message with information about blood donation: I work in an intensive care unit and have been following what is happening very closely for 15 months. Out of my own interest, I asked some questions yesterday at the central blood donation service in Switzerland, since the official rule is that vaccinated people are allowed to donate blood. My questions were as follows: 1. Can vaccinated continue to donate blood? 2. Are blood donations labeled accordingly? 3. Is it ensured that blood from vaccinated persons is not administered if someone does not want this? 4. Liability in case of problems; vigilance (reporting of adverse reactions)? The rapidly received feedback suggests a standard letter, essentially referring to Swissmedic. However, exciting in the feedback was the sentence “”There is no legal requirement for blood products from vaccinated donors to be specially labeled”. This sentence answers virtually all questions!” It can be donated quite normally further blood, one assumes that this does not represent a problem and takes also no consideration on persons who do not want contaminated blood. The question of liability is also obsolete because the blood is not labeled anyway. I will check with Swissmedic and get back to you when I know more. If you want to publish this, please do so anonymously for the time being.+++++

Vaccinated people can not donate blood

Vaccination is so good and safe that you can’t even become a lifesaver afterwards. Blood donation is no longer an option for vaccinated people. In view of this blatant information, the question arises as to who still voluntarily allows themselves to be given the lethal injection. Source: Correctiv

In more than 900 pages of secret official U.S. documents, it is possible for the first time to trace how the U.S. funded research on the deadly coronavirus in Wuhan. This is a lot of water on the mills of the Chinese, who now want to take revenge, according to the Chinese Communist Party. The Intercept obtained these 900 pages detailing the work of an American organization called EcoHealth Alliance. With such a burden of proof, the handcuffs would quickly click on every citizen of the USA if they were responsible for even a single line of these 900 pages. (More and more vaccine damage is manifesting itself: heart failure, thrombosis, lung problems, organ failure, very strange bleeding in women) Who does not like to believe it…, click on this LINK: In this case, U.S. tax dollars were used to fund the development of the deadly effect of coronavirus on humans in a Chinese high-security laboratory. And every day another conspiracy theory is confirmed. So it won’t be long before there are none at all! Source: WHO In 1957, the biologist and eugenicist Julian Huxley, spiritual father of evolutionaryhumanism, defined the term transhumanism in the eponymous chapter of his book New Bottles for New Wine as follows: Source: Google “The human species, if it wants to, can rise above itself – not just sporadically, one individual sometimes this way, another sometimes that, but as a whole, as humanity. We need a name for this new belief. Perhaps transhumanism fits quite well: Human who remains human but transcends himself, by realizing new possibilities from and for his human nature.” “Transhumanists focus on the fusion of humans and technology. … That’s what transhumanism is built on: the international movement and school of thought seeking ways to change and overcome the biological limitations of humans through the use of technology and science.” Source: Die The focus of the transhumanism movement is the application of new and future technologies. These include:

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree: William Gates and Bill Gates:

ARCHIVE – Sept. 12, 2003, USA, Seattle: William H. Gates Senior (l) smiles next to his son Bill Gates Jr. during the dedication and opening of William H. Gates Hall, a Washington School of Law building. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gate’s father died Monday, Sept. 14, 2020, at the age of 94. Photo by John Froschauer/AP/dpa +++ dpa Bildfunk +++

Who gives these creatures the right to KILL? Check out the book by EUGENICIAN “WILLIAM GATES”: Source: Wikipedia Eugenics plays a central role in transhumanism. However, one hopes not to prevent a birth by sterilization, but to provide for the birth of a healthy child by gene manipulation. Thereby the human evolution is to be steered in the future, oriented at goals selected by humans. This breeding of human beings shall not be in the hands of the state (as, for example, the National Socialist eugenics aimed at), but shall be put into the hands of the individual parents. The ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ will lead to a merging of our physical, digital and biologicalidentities,” Schwabrecently told the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Because the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ will also have a significant impact on modern warfare,” Schwab said. Source: Telegram Schwab likes to appear in Darth Vader costume and is the head of a global power circle of transhumanists. Source: Do you know KLAUS SCHWAB and Stakeholder Capitalism, the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Great Reset? And do you want it? Mrs. von den Leyen and most of the leading politicians of this world seem to want it or are going along with it. Please inform yourself. We don’t have to accept their “New Normal”. Source: “The founder and longtime chairman of the World Economic Forum in Davos is one of the key players in the transformation of this world into a technocratic surveillance nightmare. This man seems to have dedicated his long life to the dehumanization of humanity. Having earned “merit” in neoliberal-style social dismantling, he is now at the forefront of the “Great Reset” and the establishment of global health totalitarianism.” Others are not thinking along his lines: Source: Telegram “Just because Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret and their friends say that we are now entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution and that our world will be changed forever, does not mean that it will be. We don’t have to take their scare tactics. We don’t have to take their vaccines. We don’t have to be muzzled and obsequiously march straight into their transhumanist hell. Source: Klaus Schwab is not a god, but a human being. Just an elderly man. And those he works with, the global capitalist elite, are few. Their goals are not the goals of the vast majority of humanity. Their transhumanist visionis repulsive to almost everyone outside their small circle, and they have no approval for the technocratic dictatorship they want to impose on us. That, after all, is why they have gone to such lengths to impose it on us under the false flag of fighting a virus. They understood that without the “emergency” justification, we would never support their deviant plan.” “It is clear from the work of Schwab and Malleret that a fascist fusion of state and economy for the benefit of the latter underpins their great reset.” Source: Wikipedia Since the beginning of the Covid crisis, phenomenal sums of money have been transferred from the public treasury to the bulging pockets of the 1 percent, as they themselves acknowledge.” Source: “Schwab uses the term “system leadership” to describe the profoundly anti-democratic way in which the 1 percent impose their agenda on all of us without giving us a chance to say “no.” (…)He refers to this comprehensive top-down control as “the systems management of human existence,” although others may prefer the term “totalitarianism.” One of the characteristic features of historical fascism in Italy and Germany was its impatience with the onerous restrictions imposed on the ruling class (“the nation” in the language of fascism) by democracy and political liberalism. All of these had to be taken out of the way to enable a blitzkrieg of accelerated “modernization.” That there are “metal particles” in the novel Corona vaccines has long been reported in the alternative media. Now such reports have entered the mainstream. In Japan, for example, 1.6 million doses of Moderna vaccine were recently withdrawn from the market because metal particles were found in at least one batch. “The particles reacted to magnets, which is why they are suspected to be metallic” was reported in Japanese media. Japan’s Ministry of Health, on the other hand, said the composition of the contaminant had not been confirmed and it was unclear whether it was a contaminant. It said the suspension of Moderna batches was a precautionary measure. Moderna spoke of “particles” that posed no problem to safety or efficacy. Source: Telegram This topic and the somewhat confused news reminded me a bit of the chaos surrounding the AstraZeneca vaccine and the suspension of vaccinations in various European countries due to side effects. The sometimes chaotic interplay of politics, authorities, pharmaceutical industry and media is similar in most cases and I can’t help but notice a kind of reverse psychology in the current reporting with which the citizen is influenced and conditioned. Possible false flag to reduce vaccination skepticism Source: Telegram In the current case of contamination, it seems that once again a vaccine/manufacturer has to serve as a (temporary) scapegoat in order to cleanse an entire remaining industry and its henchmen. In any case, through “orderly chaos” and a global crisis management that ultimately functions at all times, it is suggested to the citizen that the process chain runs in an orderly manner, that quality control functions, that the reporting channels are correct and that the citizen can therefore be certain: THE VACCINES ARE SAFE. Source: Telegram Maybe not Moderna at the moment, but the others, because nothing was found in them. Moreover, everyone has a choice: If not the much-maligned AstraZeneca, then the safe Pfizer/BioNTech? If not the contaminated Moderna, then the clean Johnson & Johnson. “But that only applies to Japan, for the time being”. Source: Telegram They manipulate by disinformation and distract from the deeper background. Regarding metal particles in the Corona vaccines, there are already a lot of sources proving that such particles, so-called metal nanoparticles or graphene oxide, are present in ALL common mRNA and vector vaccines, and not by chance or because of a problem in the manufacturing process. Source: Wikipedia Toxic graphene oxide nanoparticles detected in vaccine doses Source: Telegram The following studies and study summaries are examples: – Laboratory analysis of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine by Spanish scientists (video with German summary see below) – Scanning and transmission electron microscopy reveal graphene oxide in CoV-19 vaccinesGraphene oxide and the electromagnetic absorption of 5G (Note: The Spanish study has also been the subject of fact-checkers, who, among other things, disregarded the fact that in the pharmaceutical industry, excipients such as adjuvants do not have to be listed with the ingredients when analyzing the ingredients). Given the findings of these studies, it would be no exaggeration to say that the global Corona vaccination campaign may be a conspiracy to deceive people. What is the exact background?: Graphene oxide – a super material made for the NWO Graphene oxide “GO” or its derivative reduced graphene oxide “rGO” (used synonymously in the following) is a carbon-based nanomaterial that has been considered a supermaterial for a very long time due to its potential biomedical applications, among others. It is often used in conjunction with other materials as a hybrid material. Graphene-based materials typically have sizes of a few to a few hundred nanometers and are 1-10 nm thick, which also corresponds to the definition of “nanoparticles”. In the CoV-19 mRNA vaccines , graphene oxide potentially serves as a nanocarrier for transporting mRNA into the cells of the body to instruct them to produce antigens and stimulate the immune system to produce antibodies. Because of the use of nanoparticles as messengers in the novel vaccines, many scientists say the Corona vaccines mark the beginning of transhumanism. The rumors that the Corona vaccines incorporate CRISPR/Cas9 technology for efficient genome editing (so-called gene scissors) and alter the human genome are probably not true. However, CRISPR/Cas9 could be used in other biomedical applicationsin the future. Graphene oxide properties are perfect for 5G networking Of particular note, graphene oxide is an excellent conductor of electricity and can be electromagnetically charged. The material effectively absorbs electromagnetic waves (microwaves), especially in relation to 5G emissions. As a composite material, it achieves optimal properties for a low reflection rate of electromagnetic waves and, in this respect, enables the absorption of almost all 5G emission. Given graphene oxide’s wave absorption capability, its introduction into the human body could pose a health risk. Pharmaceutical analyst and former Pfizer employee Karen Kingston said in an interview(see video below) that because of its excellent electrical conductivity, graphene oxide can be positively charged or activated by an electromagnetic field, and activation would cause the material to annihilate anything it comes into contact with, leading to health damage and possibly death, depending on where and how much of these nanoparticles are in the body. Source: Telegram How dangerous is graphene oxide? Graphene oxide has a toxic effect and, according to a thorough Chinese study, leads to cell destruction, disruption of homeostasis (the normal function) of mitochondria, which are responsible for cell respiration (oxidative stress), DNA damage, inflammatory reactions, apoptosis, autophagy and necrosis. In addition, the study mentions that graphene oxide nanoparticles easily pass through the blood-placenta barrier, among others, and strongly influence embryo development. Therefore, the often expressed fear that the Corona vaccination could make women infertile could become true in the future. It is not only for this reason that it is important to maintain the control group of non-vaccinated persons. Graphene oxide turns people into walking antennas Source: Archive German Resistance

5 G Antenne
Source: #m8y1

However, 5G brings with it not only high speeds, but also new frequencies – and a great many new transmission towers. Until now, the frequencies for the mobile network have been less than 2.6 gigahertz (GHz). For the 5G network, we are now talking about frequencies of 2 to 3.7 gigahertz, and in the future even up to 60 gigahertz. The higher the frequency, the shorter the range. Since 5G milliwaves are short and do not propagate as far, many more transmission towers are needed to cover the same area. Therefore, in addition to new 5G transmission towers on towers or rooftops, it is necessary to install new transmission stations in small boxes practically everywhere (lampposts, bus stops, walls). In the U.S., these transmitting stations are already installed every 600 feet (about 200 meters) in residential areas. So in the future, people will be much closer to the transmitters and exposed to more radiation. In addition, the 5G network distributes radiation differently in the radio cells. Using what is known as beamforming, the signals from the transmitting station are sent primarily to where they are needed – this enables particularly fast and effective data transfer. This means that active users are exposed to the highest levels of radiation, while inactive users receive less. Optical microscopy of the RD1 vaccine sample from Pfizer (Campra, P. 2021). As described above, graphene oxide is very good at absorbing 5G emissions and reflecting and scattering radiation. People with graphene oxide particles in their bodies therefore potentially reflect electromagnetic radiation from transmission towers and stations and unwittingly become mobile antennas. With their bodies, they provide the hardware, so to speak, for their own 5G consumption or the widespread use of 5G in the surrounding area. This will be especially true if, in the coming years and decades, the introduction of 6G, 7G, etc., further increases the frequencies and makes the milliwaves even shorter and, as a result, the distances between transmitting stations must be further reduced. In conspiracy theory circles, the minimum distance figure of 6 feet (approx. 2 meters) is circulating in this regard, which ironically corresponds to the social distancing distance of the Corona pandemic. How dangerous is 5G radiation? The health effects of 5G radiation on the body are still unclear, as there have been no reliable long-term studies on this the topic. Health effects depend, among other things, on the penetration depth of the radiation into the body. Whether cell phone radiation, especially in the 5G range, actually leads to cell disorders, tumors or maldevelopments can only be determined through very thorough, independent long-term studies, in which – as experience unfortunately shows – there is no political interest. TARGET DETECTION SYSTEM: Source. Archive German Resistance Conclusion The bottom line is that the strategic and substantive connections between Corona vaccinations, the introduction of graphene oxide into the human body, and the development of a nationwide 5G and Industry 4.0 infrastructure are striking and relatively obvious, which unfortunately only very few people recognize, since a special skillset is required for this. In view of the possible effects on one’s own health, it would be advisable and gratifying if more people would deal with this topic in detail in the future. Due to the above-mentioned matter, it is in any case not advisable to vaccinate, including the Corona booster vaccinations in autumn/winter, as well as all tests through the nose and mouth, because graphene oxide particles were also found on the test kits, which mostly come from China, as well as on the masks. The Spanish scientists’ final conclusionon graphene oxide is: “Keep your children, yourself and your family members away from this material. Do not get vaccinated with graphene oxide under any circumstances, because that is what is in the vaccine. We must avoid at all costs that we and future generations can be magnetically marked and made sick like cattle.” *****WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT?***** Source: Telegram

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