French pave the way

After the Rothschild/Templer disciple Emmanuelle Macron wants to drag the French further in freedom, in his self-created matrix into deeper sinecures, the French are standing up. 50% of the hospital staff is strictly against “compulsory vaccination”! The innkeepers are now being turned into “compliance helpers”. The “restaurateur” is threatened with severe penalties if he allows “unvaccinated people” to enter. He faces a fine of € 45,000 and a year in prison! THE CONTROLLED PRESIDENT EMANUELLE MACRON IN THE FINAL BATTLE! The military is to be used to control the restaurants!!!!!!!!! Photo: Macron and “only” his bodyguard? Smily Source: Daily Mail Although his call on the Tuesday before the commemoration of “Storming the Bastille”, July 14, 1789, was heeded by some !!!!1.2 million!!!! of obedient, blackmailable Frenchmen was heeded, to get a “FORCED SPRING”…that’s just how millions of Frenchmen think gaaaately differently. Source: Archive German Resistance For the first time I see all skin colours and religions on the streets in France. This is a sign of “UNITY”! Source: Telegram While the citizens of other EUROPEAN COUNTRIES endure the “VIRUS FORCE MEASURES” almost slave-like. Even accepting their own children being bullied with an mRNA injection, the French stand up and say “NIET”, SHUT UP. Source: Archive German Resistance The “Germans” have been warned by alternative media since March 2020. The educated virologists, epidemiologists of the world have enlightened early. At that time we could only guess what this pace of “spraying a dubiously dangerous substance” could mean. We have been avoiding the neologism “VACCINE” for a year now, because it is not a VACCINE, but an experiment on the living being “HUMAN”. Without explanation/acceptance of liability…. people have let themselves be injected, suffering from a disease of civilisation called “COGNITIVE DISSONANCE”. This means that the human mind has lent its task to politicians and companies. Source: Archive German Resistance THESE INSTRUMENTALISED PERSONS AND COMPANIES ARE BELIEVED UNCONDITIONALLY. Excuses such as: “It can’t be that they are giving us something that could cause us harm!” are typical symptoms of the disease “COGNITIVE DISSONANCE”. They have prepared you. Via TV, advertising, they have virtually hypnotised you. After that it was an easy game. Still thinking of the “lying sentences”… “There will be no forced vaccination/injection” reminded me of old sayings of the GDR 1.0 regime. “A wall will never be built” or “Forwards always Backwards never”! Source: Wikipedia The DEUTSCH/MICHEL has it in the GEN, like the “beer-drinking gene” or the “foreign-going gene” or the “nothing happens to me gene”! He also has the “consequence of authority gene”! Source: Archive German Resistance WHICH GENES ARE WORSE NOW, WE SEE TODAY, FIRST THE “MIGRANTS ARE WELCOME GENES” and then the rest. Has the German ever thought about whether he will still get a pension in the next “shorter time”? Has the German ever thought about whether his company is already bankrupt? My question is, does Deutsch still think…or does he only let himself think? This impudently honest question demands an impudently honest answer…from whom? From you. Well, dear Deutsch, other citizens of the “comfort zone Europe” have the same “symptom of comfort”. Well, you are not alone….but it is nice to be allowed to “bite the dust” together. This indifference is now being interrupted by the French. Source: Telegram HONESTLY, WOULDN’T YOU LIKE TO BE AS BRAVE AS THE FRENCH? No, Deutsch, don’t cry. You, we still have a chance. Not now? But tomorrow or the day after. Now!! Nothing else! “We put pressure on the government” – in Berlin demo On 1 August, the Summer of Freedom of 2020 is to return: As a year ago calls +++++Dear German fellow, you have the chance! Have the “FRENCH COURAGE”. SAVE YOUR FUTURE!+++++

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  1. Sehr gut geschrieben…aber ich denke die jüngeren ach so hoch gebildet( möglicher Weise hoch sitzend im Baum in der Baumschule) werden das nicht verstehen..Nach dem Verfall der Schulausbildung wurden nur minder belehrte und Gehirngewaschene Ja Sager gezüchtet..Nix mehr mit dtschr. WERTARBEIT…Die erzeuger dieser Wertarbeit sind jetzt im alter…Meine Meinung..

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