French pave the way

After the Rothschild/Templer disciple Emmanuelle Macron wants to drag the French further in freedom, in his self-created matrix into deeper sinecures, the French are standing up. 50% of the hospital staff is strictly against “compulsory vaccination”! The innkeepers are now being turned into “compliance helpers”. The “restaurateur” is threatened with severe penalties if he allows “unvaccinated people” to enter. He faces a fine of € 45,000 and a year in prison! THE CONTROLLED PRESIDENT EMANUELLE MACRON IN THE FINAL BATTLE! The military is to be used to control the restaurants!!!!!!!!! Photo: Macron and “only” his bodyguard? Smily Source: Daily Mail Although his call on the Tuesday before the commemoration of “Storming the Bastille”, July 14, 1789, was heeded by some !!!!1.2 million!!!! of obedient, blackmailable Frenchmen was heeded, to get a “FORCED SPRING”…that’s just how millions of Frenchmen think gaaaately differently. Source: Archive German Resistance For the first time I … Weiterlesen

Deagel:Search Your Country&Your DangerII

German Resistance in cooperation with ARTE DOCUMENTATION, Xi Jinping, from 08.07.2021 THIS ARTICLE DESCRIBES THE PROBABLE BACKGROUND OF WHAT IS HAPPENING TODAY. WUHAN, COVID, 5 G, SECRET TAKEOVERS, MASSIVE REDUCTION OF THE POPULATION OF A SLOWLY TRANSPARENT “POWER” OF THE SILENT RED DRAGON! +++++Has China bought the “actors” and turned them into “fool cissts”? We should ask ourselves. Why? How can people like you and me, decide against you and me?+++++ ++++ THIS ARTICLE IS FOR YOU TO ATTENTION AND TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THE SIGNS OF THE TIME. PROTECT YOURSELVES AND YOUR FAMILIES. DIVISION IS READY TO BE MADE. LOOK CLEARLY AND UNDERSTAND THE “COUP” AGAINST THE WORLD POPULATION. ++++ Three communists in the same “outfit” AND A SUPPORTER FROM FRANCE! Sources: Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Münchner Merkur, NY Times, Süddeutsche Zeitung “If Xi Jinping succeeds in realising his plan, an authoritarian regime will determine the course of the world” So concludes Weiterlesen